What Is the Perfect Love Relationship?

Looking for the perfect love relationship you may spoil everything. Thinking more about what you should do, giving extreme importance to insignificant comments or asking opinions from friends will make your mind more confused because every new romance is a new adventure.
Therefore, here are the secrets that will help you achieve a perfect love relationship with your partner.

1.- Love Yourself

They will see you the way you feel. If you love yourself, you will see the love you project for yourself, and for the people around you.

2.- Don't Be Proud

A relationship has 3 fundamental pillars: commitment, sacrifice, and resistance. For these pillars to stand firm, your pride must go to the background. Because in a matter of relationships, being proud is absolutely useless.

3.- Out Toxicity

Get away from bad thoughts, emotions that hurt you, memories that make you suffer, grudges from the past, because all these create a sphere of tension and coldness within the couple, which makes the relationship not work.

4.- Take Away External Influences

Sometimes, the comments of your mother, friends or neighbors can blur a thought or give a seed of unnecessary doubts, and that "they only wanted the best for you". Everyone has an opinion, and not only this, but they think theirs is correct. Do not ask, all the answers are within you.
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5.- Do Not Want to Change the Other

The vast majority of humans think that the person with whom we share life and home will someday change for us - get rid of those small defects that make you feel nervous, and that for them is the most normal in the world. But a relationship is made up of two different people. Do not try to change or control one another. If it happens, then maybe it means there is no love. You try to alter the other person to fit the image of your ideal partner, but that may not work.
You can't wait a lifetime for someone to change for you, things that you might not change for them. You have to adapt as much as possible to the other person and love them as they are, with their defects and virtues, as you like them to do with you, right? Pretending to change someone is something quite perverse in their intention.

6.- Create Intimacy

As time passes, the emotion of the relationship may dissipate and boredom begins to flood the foundation, but if you love the other person, you must work on this every day.
Sit with them, talk, understand with your eyes, learn their ways of acting, etc. Thus you will know when you need a hug, a word of support or a kiss of encouragement.

7.- Do Not Criticize Their Defects

Nobody likes to be criticized, so think that your partner will not be very happy to do it either. And much less in public.
Weaknesses are always more visible than strong sides, so if you highlight them, you are implying that you give more importance to the bad than good, and that may feel worse than they can give you to understand.

8.- The Beauty of Simplicity

Because although we all want to turn our relationship into an empire, we must go step by step, little by little. Look at simplicity and go quietly. Value silence, kisses, smiles, hugs, etc.
You have to enjoy those little experiences that we can add every day so that each one is special, sharing something beautiful with the other.