I Believe Essay

I believe in being loyal to the people you’re close to.

While in the fourth grade, I became friends with someone who became my best friend. We had the same interest, both enjoyed being together loiter around ,consequently not doing anything while in the fourth grade.

It was challenging. There were ups and downs during the past 8 years as friends. But in a relationship with a person there will be fights, there were moments during our friendship where I wanted no connection with him. But that feeling went both ways. I regard that feeling stands acceptable in a friendship, solving problems and not hold grudges can carry it out easier to forget and forgive each other.

But occasionally I ponder through our differences later in our friendship, our arguments are irrelevant after a week. He gets resentful when I mess up in a video game therefore he unfriended me on Xbox. Back in middle school that’s a substantial deal, basically saying you’re not worth playing with on a video game. But always went back and forgive each other. We’re best friends, no one can say otherwise.

The definition of loyalty is giving or showing a firm and constant support or allegiance to a person or institution. I don’t believe that people should be loyal to institutions being ordinarily they’re not watching out for you. Being loyal to people is essential, they watch out after you, they care for you, and they would come support you when you need it.

I believe that it’s essential to establish relationships with people to be loyal to them. If you’re loyal to someone, it’s likely that they’ll be loyal to you. If you need someone to comfort you once and in a while, be loyal to them and they’ll be loyal to you. Loyalty will create a strong relationship, that relationship will last and if you tell the truth to that person, that bond will never break, unless you’re not loyal to them.

I believe that being loyal to people that you’re close too is essential in life and creating a bond with someone that will never break.